Sweet couscous makes for an attractive and filling dessert or snack. The mounds of
couscous are decoratively patterned with raisins, almonds, and, if desired, dates.
Traditionally, the couscous is served with glasses of cold milk. For a refreshing touch,
add a few drops of orange flower water to the milk.

About 11⁄3 cups/225 g fine-grain couscous
1⁄4 cup/55 g butter, softened
About 1⁄2 cup/60 g powdered sugar, plus more
for dusting
1⁄8 tsp orange flower water, plus for more
adding to the milk
Scant 1⁄2 cup/60 small golden raisins
Ground cinnamon for dusting
1⁄2 cup/60 g unsalted toasted almonds
without skins
8 to 12 large dates, such as mejhoul, pitted
and halved lengthwise (optional)
4 cups/1 L cold milk

Prepare the couscous following the directions
on page 171, omitting the oil. Transfer the warm
grains to a large, wide mixing bowl or gsâa. Using
your hands, work the butter, powdered sugar,
and B⁄i tsp orange flower water into the couscous.
Blend in the raisins.

On a large serving platter or dish, gently
mound the couscous into a dome shape without
pressing or packing it down. Make decorative
lines with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Place
the almonds and the dates (if desired) around
the couscous in an attractive pattern.
Serve with individual bowls of milk to spoon
over the couscous. If desired, add a few drops of
orange flower water to each serving of milk.

SPICED COFFEE qehwa m’attar